Paride Raspadori built arrows for many.

For big companies, public corporations, small and medium enterprises. Hereafter, some of the companies I worked for. 

Volvo Italia Emilia Romagna Spas
Technogym Bagno di Romagna Spa
Ova Chamber of Commerce Italy-China
Sigma Supermarket China International Boat Show
Garbini Carni Italian  Trade Agency
Rilegno MB Mangimi SpA
Coppertone  This is the space you could fill with your company name.
Philip Watch  

I work with great care and passion. Have a look at the prizes I won.

  • Antenna d’oro – Radiofestival (brand: Coppertone)
  • Best Advertising Magazine – Media Key (brand: Philip Watch)
  • Targa d’oro della Comunicazione Italiana (brand: Supermercati Sigma)
  • TV Media Key Spot Export (brand: Technogym China)
  • 3 Targa d’argento della Comunicazione Italiana (brand: Supermercati Sigma)
  • 3 Promotional Global Award (brand: Supermercati Sigma)