Every communication is an arrow.

People’s heart should be the target.

Every kind of project in communication needs a William Tell.

I could be him. I am Paride Raspadori, a communication manager with a long experience in advertising agencies. That’s why I can shoot effective communications straight to the heart, the soul, the emotions of the people target.  

If you ask a marketing manager to address communication, it will be perfectly boring. Without any emotional impact.

It means that your company will need to invest a big amount of money to make it reach the right audience in the right way, straight to the heart.

Take care of your investment.

Ask me to get the most effective solutions.

With the right money, you’ll get a big result.

In this site, you’ll find some commercial.

They all are made under my communication and creative direction.

The commercial behind was shooted in Beijing for Technogym China and rolled out as a sell-out campaign for the Chinese Gyms with Technogym products inside.